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i managed to convince our little bunny to put a cherry blossom behind its ear nwn

D’aw, the sweet little bun-bun~

Girls do not dress for boys. They dress for themselves, and of course, for each other. If girls dressed for boys they’d just walk around naked all the time.

— Betsey Johnson  (via fuckinq)

Honestly, this is better than a good morning text. It’s 4am and you’re thinking about me.

I’m never not reblogging this because this means so much more than any other post I’ve seen and ugh.




why are you all so attracted to that white man with the questionable hair from the 1975

If you’re questioning the god-given gift that is David fucking Bowie, we will wage war.

"…Uhm. My name’s Matt Healy. Nice to meet you too."


Hm? Did you say something? Oh look, the real party has arrived.

Nobody understands me like Bowie does.

Anonymous asked: hate 2 break it 2 u but this is 2014 and the 1975 are a band and that post wasnt abt david bowie

I’m really glad you felt it was necessary to take the time to tell me something I already know. I was making a joke.
And I hate to break it to you but, the year is 2014 and using numbers for letters is as dumb as it was in 2008. :p


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